You may have heard the famous story of Van Halen requiring no brown M&Ms backstage at their shows. But did you know it was really about ensuring their contracts were being honored?

"If I came backstage, having been one of the architects of this lighting and staging design, and I saw brown M&Ms on the catering table, then I guarantee the promoter had not read the contract rider and we had to do a serious line check."

What Rock Legends and M&Ms Teach Us About Contracts and Trust

As David Lee Roth relates above, Van Halen included the "no brown M&M" provision in their contracts because the band wanted to make sure concert promoters were reading their contracts closely.

In addition to the "no brown M&M clause," the contract rider included specific information about properly setting up the band's massive stage equipment. If the band saw brown M&Ms, they could bet other contract provisions weren't honored.

We at Icertis love this story because it speaks to why we do what we do. Contracts matter, and we’ve built our industry-leading contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform to ensure the intent of every contract is correctly memorialized and fully realized. But instead of M&Ms, we use contract intelligence—structuring and connecting contract data to transform these static documents into strategic advantage.

Build Trust With Your Partners

Icertis Contract Intelligence structures and connects contract data so your organization can be sure that the full intent of every contract is correctly memorialized and fully realized.

Intelligent Contract Creation

Empower your team to create more effective contracts with cloud-based playbooks and AI-powered negotiation recommendations throughout the drafting processes.

Intelligent Contract Insights

Give you team a CLM system that delivers unexpected business insights so they can drive value across the enterprise.

Intelligent Contract Automation

Take contract administration burden off your team through smart automations that ensure contracts go the right person at the right time, no matter where in the lifecycle it is.

Get more out of CLM than you ever thought possible and improve your business in ways you never imagined with Icertis Contract Intelligence.

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